About Us

Hello! We are Nathan and Shelby!

Who Are We?

We are lovers, adventure seekers, nature enthusiasts, experience havers and aspiring world travelers. Our dream is becoming a reality: seeking out everything and anything this beautiful and crazy world has to offer.

We live in California, native to Orange County, and are currently residing in the lovely (and way too crowded) city of Los Angeles. When we aren’t battling traffic and surviving the city, we are on the move exploring all things new, mostly nature. 

Our lives could not be more ironic.

A boy who graduated college with a degree in Business Marketing with a path paved for a corporate lifestyle. Yet he wants nothing more than connecting with open minded people and the natural Earth.

A girl who graduated with a film degree, which inevitably forced her to move to the city. She dreams of travel and living away from the monotony of one “home” to live a life on the road.

Each day a new beginning filled with new adventures. 

How’d the Obsession for Travel Start?

travel-with-a-full-time-job (1)

For the past 6 years, our lives have always been focused around the question of “where are we going next?”

Our humble beginnings started with a road trip down Route 66 filled with endless diners and dingy motels. Soon after we frequented day trips and weekend bangers both locally and within neighboring states. Once finished with school, we left our jobs to travel across the United States for 3 months. This was a road trip and most nights were spent sleeping in our minivan.

It was after this trip that we knew this lifestyle was possible.

We believe that all experiences, both good and bad, are worth having. Sometimes even the worst experiences end up being some of our best memories.

For instance, we will never forget the time we got our minivan stuck in snow 60 miles away from civilization. We had to spend a terrifying night in a snow storm before help was able to arrive the next day. Or the time we had a bear scratching around our van in the middle of the night while we were inside sleeping. We’ve seen Jurassic Park one too many times, so you can only imagine what that was like!

In the end we believe that life will always be a balance of ups and the downs. Although, it’s those moments of both pure ecstasy and sheer panic that makes this journey worthwhile.

So it is the combination of experiencing, learning and growing from our travels that motivates us to make world travel our permanent lifestyle.

What’s Our Mission?

van-life-pros-cons (4)

Together, our ultimate dream is world travel for an undefined amount of time. To see as much of the planet as we can for as long as we can.

Seeing the endless beauty nature has to offer, experiencing every corner of culture, trying as many new foods as possible, and growing with the intent to continually open our hearts and minds.

The initial goal is to leave our desk jobs behind and begin our indefinite adventure of seeing the world.

Our mission is to create a sustainable living on the go while providing quality information, entertainment and services for people worldwide. Our favorite travels often include nature, hiking, and obscure forms of entertainment along the way.

Follow us on our journey across the Earth to learn how we’re making world travel a way of life!